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Cena: 374 000 Kč

Land Area: 1001 m2 Utilities: Gas, Water, Sewer Charges: Unencumbered information on sale: The property is for sale on credit

Ad Description:

OWNER SALE 1001 with a net-square-foot plot in a quiet part of the PANORÁMÁS Madárhegy of Corydalis incline.
The plot detached house, semi-detached, with up to four flats can be built. 150sqm floor space.
The surroundings are partially detached houses, condominiums small part.

Why should I think about now
- construction costs (VAT increase)
- construction can be completed in Hungary (up 2019.12.31.)
- Lack panoramic properties
- possibility to merge multiple sites (optional)
- any future investment

Lot venue:
the XI. District XII property. Budaőrs district and close in.
The area is quiet, calm and greening. The nearby Gazdagrét infrastructure, availability of excellent public transportation makes everyday life more convenient and quick access to the city's heart. By car, easily accessible from the M1, M7, M0, M5, M3 and highways, as well Balaton, Lake and many other countries.

Lot features:

Sewer, water, gas in the complex.
Max. 4 housing units can be built.
The plot L / 6 construction zone.
Build 15%
Max.épületmagasság: 7.5 M
color space indicator: 0.4%
e-mail: [email protected]

Estate agents do not seek

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